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Hello everyone, I'm Crina, and this podcast is your dedicated guide to empowering you to tap into your limitless potential and passionately pursue your dreams.


My journey, from building a multimillion-dollar fashion business to uncovering remarkable stories and health breakthroughs, was ignited by my passion.

My father, Cibi, inspired me to dream and live life fully. His tragic accident made me lose sight of my dreams.

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But it also made me realize who I am and why I do everything from that point on.

We all forget to dream sometimes. Losing my father was that moment for me.

Supported by loved ones and after speaking with countless people during my 9-year research journey, I'm driven to support others. I'm a firm believer in the power of dreams and boundless potential.

Join us for inspiring conversations with fearless dreamers, creating a vibrant Dream Again community, where we grow, discover, and triumph together. Remember, your dream is your calling.

Our guests inspire us with their unique stories and wisdom, encouraging us to dream big and pursue health, happiness, beauty, relationships, and all our goals.


Angela Lindvall



Tony Wyss-Coray

Stanford Professor


Neka Pasquale

Founder Urban Remedy


Emily Labowe

Model, Entrepreneur


Kristine Carlson



Sebasitan Siegel

Actore and Movie Director


Laura Day



Molly Maloof, MD

Stanford Lecturer


Sarah Grynberg

Podcast Host

I'm on a mission to help people uncover their unique purpose in life and encourage them to dream big.

When we follow our dreams, we can make the world a better and more beautiful place for everyone.

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