This podcast is a weekly conversations with people that I admire to improve your own life for the better.

To give you a little background about me. I have an experience for more than 15 years in the fashion industry, running my company successfully selling in more than 40 countries and being highly profitable.

One day, I received a call that my father died in a car accident and my whole life completely changed. I started to ask myself who am I and why I am here? The process of healing took more than five years, during which I was also facing my inner calling to move away from fashion and figure out what is next for me.It was certainly not an easy journey and I thought that I will never figure out what I will do for the rest of my life. But one day, I chose to listen to my heart and let it guide me to my future.

And with that decision, everything started moving in the right direction.

The biggest insight I had during this time was that I could not change the world. I'm too small for that. But I can certainly change myself and the people around me who would be inspired by my story. And that’s when I decided to start a series of interviews with people that I love and who have made a big change in my life.

So I hope you will join me in my journey and find inspiration in the stories of known personalities but also those of normal people. And please share your own journey with me and let's make a little change and make this world more beautiful. It’s up to us to make this change happen.

With love,