Be Open - Existence Is Gonna Bring What You Need - Andreea Raicu
May 10, 2021

Be Open - Existence Is Gonna Bring What You Need - Andreea Raicu

(Entrepreneur, Media Icon)

In this week’s episode, I talk with Andreea Raicu, my friend and personal role model.
After working as a model, she was invited to a television casting, which led to her long and successful career as a TV presenter.
She’s an entrepreneur, a media icon, and an inspiration to many.
Together, we discuss:
• The meaning of real success
• The trip to India that changed her life
• How living up to society’s expectations of happiness made her depressed
• The strength to be gained from being vulnerable
• How writing with your non-dominant hand can help
Andreea is one of the most open and honest people I know, and she shares her reasons for being so open about her life.
She believes it’s vital that we live our truth, and trying to live any other way can negatively affect our lives. By sharing her story, she’s healing herself and inspiring others to help themselves and find their truth.
Find out more about Andreea Raicu’s work here.

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