How to Find Your Purpose in Life - Amy Matthews
May 31, 2021

How to Find Your Purpose in Life - Amy Matthews

(Business Coach)

In this week’s episode, I talk with Amy Matthews.
Amy is a strategist, consultant, and business coach, and founder of Woman UnRuled. Her
expertise is in accelerating entrepreneurs, executives, and rising stars to reach their highest
potential of success.
Earlier in her career, Amy spent 10 years in executive search. Prior to recruiting, she held
executive positions in Silicon Valley where she led global sales and service teams to
consistently overachieve objectives. Amy is most passionate about empowering people to live
a life on their terms.
We talked about fears and insecurities, how to learn to trust yourself in life, and to find the right path for you. Amy has done a lot of work with clients to help them overcome their negative, and she unpacks why we carry limiting beliefs with us into adulthood.
Together, we discuss:
• Being authentic and true to yourself
• The prevalence of imposter syndrome
• How to connect to nature
• Stepping outside your comfort zone
• Learning to trust yourself
Amy’s life could easily be a movie. She’s created huge success for herself and has traveled the world. She’s experienced deep love, nurturing friendships, and has a loving family. But she’s also experienced great loss and gone through tough times. She lost millions of dollars, had her heart broken more than once, and has met with many struggles and disappointments. I find her motivation and courage hugely inspirational, and I hope that you will learn something from the way she approaches life.
Find out more about Woman UnRuled here.

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