How To Make Your Dreams A Reality - Rahel Papis
April 5, 2021

How To Make Your Dreams A Reality - Rahel Papis

(therapist, author)

Are you stuck in a box?
In this week’s episode, I talk with Rahel Papis, a kinesiologist and hypnotherapist.
She’s passionate about helping others to overcome their problems and shares her incredible journey to finding what makes her truly happy and fulfilling her dreams.
Rahel’s goal is to transform therapy into a fun and surprising tool because healing isn’t always pretty, but it can lead to wonderful things.
Once we learn who we really are, we are able to live a mindful and balanced life.
Together, we discuss:
• The importance of self-care and connecting with yourself
• Overcoming obstacles to be happy in your job and in yourself
• Surrounding yourself with the right kind of support
• How making big, scary changes in your life can be the best thing
• Pursuing our passions and how to reignite them
Rahel has worked many different jobs, from radio anchor to make-up artist to photographer to graphic designer.
Now, as a kinesiologist and hypnotherapist, she gets to do a little bit of everything in her job, all in aid of helping and inspiring others.
She’s still able to fulfill all of her creative tendencies, but in a completely different way to how she originally envisaged them.
If you want to learn more about Rahel’s work, click here.

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