My Healing Journey - Crina Okumus,
September 9, 2021

My Healing Journey - Crina Okumus,

(podcast host)

After interviewing more than 30 people as part of the first season, I decided to turn the table and look into my vulnerability to share my personal healing journey with all of you.
My friend, coach, and former radio host Lea couldn’t have been a better interviewer. She knows how to align mind and body as she regularly trains her spirit, which helps her being a successful athlete. She trains me for Thai boxing every Thursday morning and challenges me with many mindful topics. Unfortunately, her life experiences wouldn’t fit in a book. So instead, I encourage you to follow her on Instagram to learn more about her inspiring life and personality.
This episode is about me, but I’m never comfortable being the center of attention. So telling my story, sitting on the How Can I Heal podcast chair is a way to express my gratitude toward this project and help you understand it better.
As a way to introduce myself very quickly, here it is: I’m Crina, a Romanian born in Bucharest, but who’s moved around Europe and America for more than 12 years.
Today, I’ll talk about:
• Why this Podcast?
• My Healing Journey: How It Started, and How It’s Going.
• The Lessons from Motherhood and Having a Daughter
• My Key Takeaways from My Two Favorite Episodes So Far from the Podcast
• My Vision Behind How Can I Heal?
• My Future Projects
• What’s Life Taught Me So Far.
So please join me on an honest discussion that I hope will inspire you as much as my previous guests have inspired me.
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