The Future Of Health - Markus Okumus
February 15, 2021

The Future Of Health - Markus Okumus

(serial entrepreneur, investor)

Today is a very special interview. Why? Because I was able to convince my husband, Markus Okumus, to be part of my project and answer my questions during a special husband-and-wife episode!
Markus is a serial entrepreneur-turned-investor for more than 20 years. ⁠
⁠He has vast experience operating businesses in multiple industries and 12+ markets. He's also led large teams of up to 1000 people in his previous Ventures.
⁠Markus has built and sold several companies, including exits to Axel Springer and Naspers. With a keen eye for emerging innovations and their impact on society, he was able to repeatedly anticipate multiple trends.⁠
In 2015, Markus' approach to health was overturned after suffering a debilitating disk illness. Since then, he has heavily invested in preventive health and wellness. ⁠
⁠Markus leverages his extensive network to connect health entrepreneurs and investors with experts from leading research institutes like Stanford and UC Berkeley, corporates like Genentech and Nestle, and public organizations like the WHO. ⁠
⁠Markus is one of the leading, global pioneers in the tech-enabled health movement, on a mission to make a bold change in the global health-care system.⁠
⁠In today's interview, I am speaking with Markus about the future of health, as well as his entrepreneurial story. ⁠

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