Why we age? Can We Reverse The Aging Process? – Prof. Tony Wyss-Coray
January 24, 2021

Why we age? Can We Reverse The Aging Process? – Prof. Tony Wyss-Coray

(Professor at Stanford University)

Aging, one of life’s inevitable certainties, has been a hot topic of research for a number of years.

From the obvious fabled stories promising the elixir of life to the questionable anecdotes of individuals who swear by supplements or regimens, anti-aging has always appeared to be a wild goose chase.

But now, scientists may be closer than they ever to identifying anti-aging agents.

On Today's episode, I am speaking with Stanford University’s Prof. Tony Wyss-Coray, who has laid a milestone in the search by what is known as blood rejuvenation.

Prof. Wyss-Coray began his research career in 1993 at the prestigious Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. His initial studies involved work on Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases, which led to a faculty position at Stanford University.

Prof. Wyss-Coray suspected that blood might hold the answer to diagnose Alzheimer’s before it manifests its symptoms, and his work produced interesting results in protein level discrepancies with aging, setting the premise for anti-aging blood treatment.

One fascinating topic we spoke about is the readily available means that help slow down ageing. Surprisingly - or maybe not anymore after COVID - social interaction seems even more important than a healthy diet and exercise.

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